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Great way to make money with your YOUTUBE Channel or if you have WEBSITE or BLOG Site or if you have a decent FACEBOOK Fage or if you have Email Marketing Skill, you can EARN handsome amount of commission when the customer buys products from your custom link. We have developed simple, powerful and easy to understand Affiliate model for digital marketers.



🛒 Easy to start! 🛒

  • ☑️ If you don’t have a user account to our website, please Sign up or if you already have one, please sign in and follow the next step.
  • ☑️ Once you click on the Affiliate Sign up, you will find the Registration Form.
  • ☑️ Once you apply for the Affiliate account, we will review your request and will do the needful. You can also Contact us in email([email protected]) to get approval for an Affiliate account
  • ☑️ You will get access to have all active campaign or Select the products form here( https://adoomart.com/product-links ) which you are interested in a sale and let us know if you have a special request.
  • ☑️ Start selling and track sales online.
  • ☑️ Earn commision and get payments.



📢 Why Join our Affiliate program?

  1. ✅ High Commission Rate- 8% to 15% in Five different Affiliate Group (Starter-8%, Silver-10%, Gold-12% & Diamond-15%)
  2. ✅ You can choose any product to do marketing from our entire Catalog.
  3. ✅ Cookie life time 30 Days- which makes significant benefit to the marketers.
  4. ✅ We maintain fast delivery and good after-sales support which will keep your reputation high as referer.
  5. ✅ payments by bKash/ Rocket/ Paypal/ Cash (upon payout request).

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Interested to start as an Affiliate or If you have more questions, please email us: [email protected]



⁉️ FAQ About adooMart Affiliate Program:

Q. What is the requirement to become an Affiliate marketer of adooMart?

Ans: You can become our affiliate if you have YouTube Channel, Blog or Website, Facebook Page or Group, Email Marketing Skill. You should have a valid bKash or Rocket Number or Paypal Account and an active mobile number to start with.

Q. I have a YouTube Channel- Can I apply for an Affiliate account?

Ans: Yes! We appreciate and welcome YouTube channel who has great content like unboxing, product reviews and so. It’s easy for YouTube marketer to promote and get decent sales to earn a handsome amount of affiliate commissions.

Q. How I will get payment from the Affiliate sales?

Ans: We support all local payment methods including bKash, Rocket, Paypal or Cash from our office. When you will earn at least 800 Taka ($10) and you can request for withdrawal. We pay amount basis, so it will be encouraging for you to earn even more and create more contents to get more sales.

Q. My friend placed an order with my affiliate link but Why it’s not showing on my Affiliate Dashboard?

Ans: Great question. The order details and commision amount will show once the order is delivered to the customer, that means order details and commission will only show for all successful orders. There is NO chance to get confused with canceled orders. There are several issues where an order can be get canceled. So, we keep it simple and transparent- it will show immediately once the order successfully delivered. So, when your friend will get the delivery you can expect the details will show in next 48 hours. Nothing to worry, It’s all automated.

Q. I am outside of Bangladesh, Can I Still apply for adooAffiliate program?

Ans: YES! You can be our affiliate if your targeted customers are based in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Other Richest Country.

Q. If the Order Cancelled by the buyer, what will happen to my commision?

Ans: In the case of order cancellation, you will not get any commision and it won’t show on your dashboard either. Order details and commission amount will only hit your account once the order got successfully delivered.

Q. Can I request a particular product for Affiliate?

Ans: YES! You can. We appreciate if you plan for the special event to get more sales. We may help you to customize the offer and commission. Please consult with us for more information by email ([email protected])

Q. How Much I Can Earn and How can I get more commision percentage?

Ans: We have Five different levels of Marketer (Starter, Silver, Gold, Diamond & Platinum) with 8%, 10%, 12%, 15%, and 20% respectively. To get access to the higher Commission level you will need to have good quality content and great influential marketing performance. We will see your previous record of sales and progress status it will go up when you will work and get regular sales and revenue.

Q. How much I could Earn from adooAffiliate Program?

Ans: There is no Limit or Earning. Your Earning will completely depend on your successful sales revenue. You will earn commission according to your Commission rate for each sale.



🤷‍♂️ Earning Commission Details from adooMart Affiliate Program:

We have five different Commission pattern. Here are the details-

👉Level-1: Starter
Earning Commission Percentage : 8%
Required Referrals/ Number of orders : 0
Required Earning: 0

👉Level-2: Silver
Earning Commission Percentage : 10%
Required Referrals/ Number of orders : 10
Required Earning: $50
Or, Purchase at $5 (Requirements do not apply when purchasing)

👉Level-3: Gold
Earning Commission Percentage : 12%
Required Referrals/ Number of orders : 20
Required Earning: $100
Or, Purchase at $10 (Requirements do not apply when purchasing)

👉Level-4: Diamond
Earning Commission Percentage : 15%
Required Referrals/ Number of orders : 50
Required Earning: $250
Or, Purchase at $15 (Requirements do not apply when purchasing)


📬 Once you applied and after getting approval, you will be our Default Affiliate Group “Starter”. On this group, you will earn flat 8% of your total sales value.
If you have any Question, Contact us with email ([email protected]) 💌

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